About the Author

simon figgI first became involved with Camphill via Sturts Farm, which was established in 1982. In 1983 Sturts Farm were seeking volunteer ‘tutors’ to work with the then ‘trainees’ one afternoon a week, and later I joined the Friends Group. As we owned a small supermarket in the local village, West Moors, many of the trainees came for work experience.

As our relationship grew, we supported various House Parents to go for a holiday whilst we ran their house, together with their trainees.

The ‘Vocational Course’, established in 1980 in The Sheiling for the then ‘trainees’ on the present Lantern Community site, worked together with Sturts Farm and needed someone to run and develop their shop in ‘the lane’. In consequence, in 1987, we sold our shop in West Moors and, unusual for the time, I became a Camphill employee.

Subsequently, my wife and I decided to become House Parents and move into ‘the lane’ with our family, living in various houses and carrying a variety of roles over the years. We retired from The Lantern Community in 2016.

I was fortunate enough to be a co-worker in The Sheiling at a time when many of those who had contributed so much to its founding and who continued to support the social, cultural and economic life were still active. Both the community as a whole, and the individuals within, reaped the benefit of their knowledge, wisdom and experience.